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About Us

TMG (formerly known as the Tokyo New Mothers Group) is a support and contact group for mothers in Tokyo. We are an English-speaking group but our members are from every corner of the globe and all walks of life.

TMG aims to provide a social and support network for not only new mothers and mothers new to Tokyo, but all mothers living in Tokyo through a wide variety of parenting resources including regular meetings, events, practical advice and useful information.

TMG is a wonderful chance for you and you child to participate in activities around Tokyo and meet other mothers and their children.


The Tokyo New Mothers Group was started by Allison in 2006 in response to her own experience as a new mother in Tokyo as a way to keep in touch with other new mothers she met through the Tokyo Pregnancy Group. With the support of active mothers, membership grew to around 200 mothers with babies of under a year old.

In 2008, Tokyo Mothers Group was born out of Tokyo New Mothers Group. Stephanie was looking to make a network of mum friends in Tokyo and found it very difficult to even know how to begin looking (there were no Tokyo-based websites or Facebook groups yet for English-speaking mothers). She found Tokyo New Mothers Group through word of mouth, quickly became involved and then was offered the chance to evolve the group with the help of 2 other mothers, Therese and Nami. Straight away, she decided she wanted to be more inclusive as a group and support mothers not just with babies but with toddlers and children of all ages. As a result, the group's name was changed to Tokyo Mothers Group, as this name was thought to be more befitting.

This website was launched in September 2008 in conjunction with the new name and provided the group with one central location to base our online activities. The Facebook group followed in 2012 and is now the go-to Facebook group for questions, advice and support for parents living in and around Tokyo. Stephanie still runs TMG and has a fantastic team of coordinators to help her.

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