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Tokyo Mothers Group

English-speaking support group for families in Tokyo


TMG is proudly sponsored and supported by a variety of different organizations, companies and individuals. Please click through the images to support our sponsors.

If you would like to become a sponsor of TMG and place your ad here or hear more about our sponsorship packages then please contact the TMG Coordinators.

Louis Academy

The Reggio School of Tokyo

Japan Intercultural Intelligence 

Tokyo Creators Kids

Urban Heroes- Outdoor Fitness Group

Panda Academy

The French-Japanese International School of Tokyo

Azabu Music Together

Fanfan Chinese Language Academy

Coding Lab Japan

Unicorn Kids International School

Kotoba-Salon TSUMUGI

Global Indian International School

Maternity & Newborn Photography in Kimono

Saturday Kids

Tokyo Coding Club

IGS Academy

Umi Designs

Club 360

Komazawa Park International School

Children's House Montessoi School

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My Body My Pilates- Helen Zhang

Tokyo Children's Garden

KSpace International Preschool

Ohana International School

Summerhill International School

Sunshine Kids Academy

ABC International School

Eton House

St. Alban's Nursery

Poppins Active Learning International School

Elana Jade

Short Term Sponsors

Pixi Academy

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