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Playgroups & Community Groups

Below is a list of active playgroups or regular gatherings in and around Tokyo. Included at the bottom is a list of active Facebook groups for mums & parents.

If you would like to add your group to the list please contact us at

Hike it Baby Tokyo

A newer playgroup in Tokyo (2018)

Hike it Baby Facebook:

Hike it Baby Homepage

Roppongi Cooperative

Name of playgroup: Roppongi Cooperative

Leader/contact: Katie Sudo (From Fall of 2018)

Location (nearest station): Roppongi

Meeting day/time/place: Tuesdays 10am-12pm

Any other info:

Facebook group


Directions to location:

Established nearly 40 years ago, the focus and design of the Roppongi Cooperative has reflected the needs and interests of internationally-minded families who gather in a space provided by the Franciscan Chapel Center, located in downtown Tokyo.

The co-op is comprised of expat, military, returnee, multi-national and local families who engage in activities and conversations related to things such as child-rearing, wellness and living in Japan. It is a place for children and their caregivers to socialize and learn. The co-op is not for profit and run by parent volunteers. There is no registration fee. Drop-ins are welcome. We collect a small due at each meeting to cover operating costs. Tea and coffee is provided.

The co-op meets Tuesdays 10am-12pm. Regular meetings take place in fall and spring. Planning, special interest groups and open play is offered in summer, dependent upon volunteer availability. We are located near a lovely urban park and often play and picnic there are meetings, weather permitting.

みらい Kids Playgroup

Name of playgroup: みらい Kids Playgroup

Leader/contact: Nabs

Location (nearest station): Various stations along the Denentoshi Line (Aobadai, Azamino, Tana, Nagatsuta, Tama Plaza), Blue Line (Center Minami and Center Kita), Yokohama Line (Tokaichiba, Nagatsuta, Nakayama, Kamoi

Meeting day & time: Once a month/weekend events

Other information:

みらい kids playgroup is for parents, grandparents, caregivers of children aged 0-5 to meet new people, share experiences, play with the children and explore the different places in Yokohama. This playgroup is specially designed to communicate with each other in English while having fun visiting different places in Yokohama with your children. It is also part of a Sharing Caring Culture which holds multicultural events.

Facebook page

Central Tokyo Playdates

Leader: Monica Kune (remote), Katie Sudo (In Japan)

Started in 2013 this Facebook group can be used as a platform for moms with children of all ages to connect with other moms to organize a playdate, event or meet up. We welcome families who are currently living around the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Please note: Admins attempt to screen members but do not personally know all members of this group. Take caution when posting personal information and choose public spaces when meeting for the first time. Members who block admin will be removed from the group.

Contact via facebook page :

Sakuragicho International Literacy Circle (SILC)

Leader/contact: Andrea McCarthy

Location (nearest station): Sakuragicho Station, Yokohama

Meeting day/time/place:

Every Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm at a pre-reserved, public room.

Additional info: SILC is a literacy co-op for children kindergarten to JR high-aged. Currently there are several classes taught by a highly qualified American teacher and organized by a parent led committee. The classes are age and level appropriate and aimed at teaching reading and writing for children who are native speakers of English. There are 3 formal classes a week and all major events are organized in the form of parties. Families are welcome to come early or to stay after classes for extra English interaction, spelling bees, plays, interviews, book reading etc. run by the families.

Sakuragicho International Playgroup (SIP)

Location (nearest station): Sakuragicho Station, Yokohama

Meeting day/time/place:

Every Thursday 10am to 1:00pm at a pre-reserved, public playroom

Any other info:

SIP is a friendly place for international families to gather and share

mothering stories in Japan. The playgroup is organized so that each family takes a turn to present a story, songs or simple craft. Afterwards you can bring a bento or order from the canteen outside to playroom.

Panda Bear Club/Polar Bear Club

Name of playgroup: Panda Bear Club

Leader/contact: Komaki

Location (nearest station): Ikebukuro

Meeting day/time/place: Mondays, 11am

Name of playgroup: Polar Bear Club

Leader/contact: Lisa

Location (nearest station): Ikebukuro

Meeting day/time/place: Tuesdays, 11am

Any other info: Polar and Panda Bear clubs are sister groups for English-speaking families that were established in 2000 and 2006, respectively. Activities include circle time, songs, books and crafts. Members take turns leading activities. The meeting place for both groups is the Nishi-ikebukuro Hiroba, which is very near the police and fire stations on the west side of Ikebukuro stations. Please contact Lisa Sullivan for info on vacancies in either group.

Koala Bear Club

Name of Playgroup: Koala Bear Club

Leader: Yu Nakamura

Nearest station: Azabu Juban

Meeting day and time: Wednesday 14:40-15:30

Additional information:

Koala Bear Club is a kids play group in English, started by Yu Nakamura Please contact me via Facebook page.

The club's program is singing songs, reading books and maybe playing games in English.

It's an open session, so new members can trial anytime.

Free of charge.

For children aged 6 and under.

14:30-15:30, Every Wednesday.

At Azabu kids to teens hall.

Each member after joining for 3 months will be leader in order for each week.

The leader will be MC, choose and read books, and make a playing plan.

Let's play together at "Koala Bear Club" !

Koala bear club is almost same Panda bear and Polar bear club, I joined 2 years and I'm a graduate, Panda bear and Polar bear club has a the 10-year history in Tokyo.

Chiba Peanuts

Leader/contact: Laura Marushima

Location (nearest station): In and around Chiba and East Tokyo

Meeting day/time/place: There are no longer any regular meet ups but the facebook group is very active and a wealth of information. Members organize small get-togethers themselves.

Additonal info: Started in May 2010. Currently aged children aged 0-14.

 Very active facebook group.

Saitama STEPS (Saitama Tots English Playdates)

Leader/contact: Lynda

Location: Kawagoe

Meeting day/time/place: The playgroup meets every Monday morning, anytime between ten and twelve. We don't book a room, just hang out! It's in the "kawagoe stn east exit jidokan" or 川越駅東口児童館 which is on the fourth floor of the Kurasse Bldg.

Facebook page:

La Leche League

Leader/contact: Celia or Stephanie

Location (nearest station):Roppongi

Meeting day/time/place: 2nd Friday of the month, 10:00-12:00 am, The Franciscan Chapel Center

Any other info: Breastfeeding support group for breastfeeding mothers and mothers to be. Children are welcome.

Facebook group:

ABC Playgroup

Leader/contact: Aya

Location (nearest station): Narimasu (subway stop)

Meeting day/time/place: Wednesdays from 2pm to 3pm (twice a month)

Any other info: ABC is a playgroup for English-speaking families.

Activities include circle time, songs, books and sometimes crafts or playing games.The meetings place are held in Asahicho Kitachiku Kuminkan. We have parties and events for kids and families.

This is the info about the establishment.

Little Explorers Playgroup

A Facebook Group

Location: Varies

Meeting day/time: Varies

Any other info: - this is a group for 0-3 year olds that explores a different part of Tokyo every week.

P.L.C (Play and Learn Club)

Contact names: Eileen & Sara

Location: Usually at a play area near Iidabashi station.

Meeting day: At least once a month on a Saturday, but some weekdays too.

PLC (play and learn club) meets near Iidabashi every month. Our children are aged 0-6. Most of us live in Chiyoda-ku and Bunkyo-ku but all are welcome!

Here's the link to our group

Multicultural Parenting- Mulcul no wa (Hachioji)

Multicultural Parenting ~MulCul no Wa~

Leader/contact: Mayu Mada

Location (nearest station): Hachioji (JR & Keio Hachioji st)

Meeting day/time/place: The First Saturday of each month /10:00-11:30/ Create-Hall (Hachioji Shogai Gakushu- Center)

Any other info: Fee: 300yen per one family.(including venue & Art work materials costs)

Welcome to TMG

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