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Often members are looking for translators, graphic designers, consultants or other things and would prefer to use local service providers. Here are some services offered by members and others that have come recommended to us. If you provide a service and would like us to consider having you listed here please let us know at


Moji Magic

Long term Tokyo resident, Nicole Nemoto, is a certified J>E translator who can do corporate translations as well as translations of koseki, birth registrations, marriage certificates, school transcripts and more. For more information- and

Word Bridge

Brenda Kaneta offers Japanese to English translation and interpreting services based out of Nagano. For more information -

Lucy Takato

Lucy Takato offers Japanese to English translation of official documents such as birth certificates and family registers (She is Naati certified). Also specializes in food and beverage translation, including marketing materials for restaurants, Japanese sweets, wine and sake. For more information -

Web & Graphic Design

Umi Designs

One of TMG's fantastic sponsors. Umi Designs offers web and graphic design based out of the kansai area. Creating wonderfully responsive websites and custom websites and logos for businesses and individuals. For more information-


Full Circle Consulting

Offering administration and website support for entrepreneurs and business owners. Full Circle Consulting can help you do what you love and do best - and focus on the activities that make you money. Having personal administrative support can give you the time and clarity to focus on your true work. For more information -

Cultural Experiences & Tours

International Center Tokyo

ICT, which is an international exchange association offering wide-ranging activities linked to "Japanese Culture" (Japanese Cultural Workshops, Classes and Seasonal Events and so on) from traditional customs to the latest trends for all foreign nationals and their families living in Tokyo.

ICT: (non-profit association)

Our mission is to provide a “Home”, for everyone, where all of you are welcome to share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise throughout our unique activities. And we also give you more opportunity to get to know more real Japan in a different way, discover what's truly cool about Japan, and spread many cool aspects of Japan to the world!

And we provide foreign nationals with opportunities to take part in testing of Japanese products such as sweets, crackers, clothing (Including “Kimono”) and pottery and porcelain (“Toujiki”) before they hit the market at FREE to experience the more “unseen” part of Japan and give your honest impression or ideas to SMEs!! It must be an unforgettable memory with friendly our members!!!

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Other Services

I am a French osteopath opening a new Osteopathy Center in Tokyo. I am fluent in English and French of course and I can speak conversational Japanese.

After 10 years of professional experience in France running my own clinic in Strasbourg, I decided to follow my Japanese wife and bring Osteopathy to Japan. I got a gynaecology and paediatrics specialisation and I take care of many newborns, pregnant women and young mothers. I am based in Tokyo Shinjuku but I also do home visits in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectures

For more details on reasons for consultation or information please visit my website:

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