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TMG Tours

Join us on a local tour of your neighborhood, to help you acclimatize and feel more comfortable with your new locale.

What are TMG Tours?

TMG Tours are a chance for families to get to know their neighborhoods better. If you are new to Japan/Tokyo and want to know what is around the area you live in, these tours are perfect for you.

Find out about:

Local banks


Post Offices

Drug stores

Convenience stores

Jidokan (play areas)


Train stations and bus stops

And anything else you want to know about!

There are 2 hour and half day options available, for the whole family or just for mum/dad.

Each tour is led by a local mother who has lived in Tokyo for quite some time. As you are led around (on foot), you will get a sense of how your neighborhood feels, get to know all the "must know" places and hot spots and how they work, and have a chance to really pick the brains of the local mother about the area, living in Tokyo/Japan with children, useful resources and so on. Our aim is that you come away feeling excited and comfortable about your new home and that you feel a little less isolated.

2 Hour Tour

This compact tour is a great intro to your neighborhood taking in all the "must know" places for families. It'll be go-go-go as you walk around but really give you a sense for the layout and feel of your new town.

Investment: Special introductory price of 20,000 yen for bookings between December 2020-end of February 2021

Half-day Tour

This is a 5 hour experience, taken at a more leisurely pace including a stop for lunch* in the middle. A slightly more in-depth look at your local area, and more opportunity to ask your guide any questions or concerns on your mind.

Investment: Special Introductory price of 30,000 yen for bookings between December 2020-end of February 2021

*Lunch will be an additional cost paid on the day

To Book

Please send an email to to find out about availability and to book.

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